私が大きな鳥に生まれたなら(コウの詩19) [コウの詩 [Poem]]

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     If I were born a big bird
(Subtitle: What people not do)
If I were born to a big bird
 I'd pick up the little kid
who fell off the ship from the sea
 and deliver it to my crying mother
If I were born a smart dog
I'd take you blind to your family
If it rains on the way
I want you to hold it and warm it up
If I were born a monkey
 I'd fight hard for someone
 whose hands were tied up, blindfolded,
 and taken away
I might be beaten and bleeding to death
If I were born a horse
I would put you on my back
and run to the land of your hope
 having lost your foot in the war
If my leg is broken
 I want you to shoot me with a gun
 so as not to suffer
If I were born into a whale
 I would put family running away
 in small boats, boats and kites
 on my back
If I die on a free beach
 I want you to eat meat immediately
 and make an instrument
 with the remaining bones and skin.
You're born to someone,
so you can only draw, sing, dance
 and write poetry
 if you replace the body with a machine
 your mind will remain a person, right?
If I were born into a short tree
 I'd root on a steep slope
The trees that have increased in my seed
will help those who climb the slope.
If I wither
 put it on the fire to keep warm
※  素人のつたない英文です。上記の画像内の日本語詩を英訳文しました。

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