共有の儀式(洞窟での部族の唄)(コウの詩21) [コウの詩 [Poem]]

共有の儀式(洞窟での部族の歌)  - 四枚まとめ-1 (640x480).jpg
共有の儀式(洞窟での部族の歌)  - 四枚まとめ-2 (640x480).jpg
共有の儀式(洞窟での部族の歌)  - 四枚まとめ-3 (640x480).jpg
共有の儀式(洞窟での部族の歌)  - 四枚まとめ-4 (640x480).jpg
Shared rituals (tribal songs in caves)
When the family goes to sleep,
the warrior heads to the secret cave
The flames twinkling in the darkness
The patterns of the animals
on the wall sway in the light,
bringing back the excitement of following the prey
It reminds me of the blood returned
when I stabbed my spear
and the sad eyes when my prey died
The rhythm is carved by hitting something
Someone sings a story
The song echoes in a cave,
and breath, sweat, blood, and memory come back
A fortune teller prays to something without a name
The sound of wood, stone,
and bones echoes in the cave
Someone dances the rhythm of a warrior
Before you know it,
everyone shakes their bodies
and raises their voices
The flame dances, the air trembles,
and the darkness sings
The Fear of Taking Your Life
and the Prayer for the Rebirth of Life
By the power of darkness, fire, and rhythm,
they are shared in our memories  
The warrior closes his eyes in the sign of dawn
※  素人のつたない英文です。上記の画像内の日本語詩を英訳文しました。もっと、適切な訳文が有りましたらご指導いただければ幸いです。

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