心と言葉と色 (コウの詩9) [コウの詩 [Poem]]

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           「Hearts, words and colors」
Mind and language and color
My heart is mine
Your heart is yours
My heart is only for myself
Because you will not be yourself if you share it
My heart is my own
Each word is a word
Words are sounds and letters though
The letters are color and shape
Each person from the moment of sound, color
and shape Light and wind,
as well as the color of each person's heart
We will emit small lights to share our minds
And although an impressed wave happens,
you gain loneliness at that price
You speak the tears of tears in exchange for loneliness
You draw beautiful pictures in exchange for loneliness
You play the heart trembling in exchange for loneliness
We dance and sometimes silence,
but sometimes it is unexpectedly wrapped in emotions
But in the end I feel lonely
Loneliness is the mirror of our heart
I know the world of death
That is, there is no sound, there is no color,
time and narrative do not exist
Various temptations whisper to your senses
And spin a story between myself and others
But your heart is yours
I can not devote my heart
Because the mind always changes and grows
What you can do for a wise person
may be to pursue beliefsand contracts,
seeking those who will follow the same path
※  素人のつたない英文です。上記の画像内の日本語詩を英訳文しました。もっと、適切な訳文が有りましたらご指導いただければ幸いです。

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