2022年07月31日の恋人たち [つぶやき [Tweets]]

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2022年07月29日のCG [絵等による表現 [Picture]]

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2022年07月27日のCG [絵等による表現 [Picture]]

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2022年07月24日の子供達 [子供たち [Children]]

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小さな家族のものがたり2022(コウの詩28) [コウの詩 [Poem]]

小さな家族のものがたり2022-1-2 - コピー.jpg

小さな家族の物語2022-2 - コピー.jpg
小さな家族の物語2022-3-4 - コピー.jpg
              Small family story 2022
Missiles fly in the Ukrainian sky on TV in the morning
When you wash your face and look in the mirror
 I can see the plum blossoms
Looking at the field from the window
I feel like my mother is taking a walk
An overrunning tank appears on the TV in the company cafeteria
Looking at the distant grove from the window
 on the second floor of the factory
I can see our house over there
When the chime sounds and the card is recorded
Let's go home where that person is waiting
The crying voice of injured children on the smartphone
Check the mailbox
Looking back at the garden while opening the entrance
even now 
I feel like my dad is weeding
I remember the burning smoke of oil and the smell of gunpowder
Snow is piled up
There is no footprint of the boy who left the house
I don't have a father who scratches snow anymore
A video of a broken house and a burning field is played online
Staring at the parking lot and the shoes at the entrance on holidays
Is the boy who left the house fine?
Gumi flowers bloom in the blue sky
The jet flies right above
Former Prime Minister is shot in a country where the sun rises
Summer is approaching and birds are singing
Someone walks from the other side of the fog
May be that child

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2022年07月21日のCG [鳥 [Birds]]

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2022年07月18日のささやかな幸せ [絵等による表現 [Picture]]

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